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Prefecture/City: Tokyo
Capital/Prefecture: Tokyo
Governor/Mayor: Yuriko Koike
Area: 2,188 square km (844.8 square miles)
Population: 13.29 million as of October 2013
Flower: Someiyoshino Cherry Blossom
Tree: Ginkgo
Bird: Black-headed gull
Business & Industry:

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and by far the largest prefecture in terms of economy and population. Many Japanese and foreign companies have headquarters in Tokyo, which boasts industries such as retailing, services and manufacturing. Some 75 percent of foreign companies in Japan are located in Tokyo.

Tourism & Culture:

Tokyo is abundant with touristic places such as Asakusa, where visitors can enjoy an authentic Japanese atmosphere with traditional goods for souvenirs. The Ogasawara Islands are excellent venues for diving. Mount Takao is a famous hiking destination. Tsukiji fish market and the 634-meter-high Tokyo Sky Tree should not be missed.

Famous for:

A great variety of restaurants of many nationalities, reliability of the subway system and many others. Tokyo is expected to innovate itself as it prepares for the 2020 Olympic Games.