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Nagano Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Nagano Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Nagano City
Governor/Mayor: Shuichi Abe
Area: 13,562 square km (5,236 square miles)
Population: 2.12 million as of October 2013
Flower: Japanese gentian
Tree: Japanese white birch
Bird: Rock ptarmigan
Business & Industry:

The Northern and Southern Alps run through Nagano Prefecture, and this mountainous terrain together with a relatively cool climate allows for the farming of apples, mountain vegetables and other crops. Many companies involved in the manufacture of high-precision instruments are also located in the prefecture.

Tourism & Culture:

Mountainous Nagano is a popular for skiing (1998 Winter Olympics) and climbing. Hot springs can be enjoyed in traditional spa towns such as Shibu-Onsen and snow monkeys bathing in hot water can be viewed in Jigokudani. Matsumoto Castle is a well-preserved samurai-era fortification in the city of Matsumoto.

Famous for:

Soba noodles, mountain vegetables, castles and winter sports. Places like Karuizawa are popular places for city-dwellers to escape the summer heat.