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Yamanashi Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Yamanashi Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Kofu City
Governor/Mayor: Kotaro Nagasaki
Area: 4,465 square km (1,724 square miles)
Population: 845,448 as of December 2013
Flower: Fuji cherry
Tree: Japanese maple
Bird: Bush warbler
Business & Industry:

Yamanashi produces a sizable portion of domestically grown fruit, particularly plums, peaches and grapes, in addition to wine. The part of the Southern Alps that connects with the prefecture supplies Japan with much of its bottled spring water. Two prominent industries are jewelry and robotics.

Tourism & Culture:

Yamanashi prefecture contains part of the Southern Alps mountain range where visitors can enjoy mountain climbing and skiing, not to mention the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji. The area around Kofu City also boasts a number of world-class wineries and hot springs.

Famous for:

Grapes, wine, fresh mountain water, beautiful mountains ranges, nature. Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, and Mount Kita, the second highest.