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Toyama Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Toyama Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Toyama City
Governor/Mayor: Takakazu Ishii
Area: 4,247 square km (1,640 square miles)
Population: 1.08 million as of November 2013
Flower: Tulip
Tree: Tateyama cedar
Bird: Rock Ptarmigan
Business & Industry:

In addition to its rice farming, tulip cultivation and fishing, Toyama hosts the largest manufacturing base in the Hokuriku region. Factories in the prefecture produce such items as aluminum, bearings and industrial robots. The anime studio, P.A. Works, is also based in Toyama.

Tourism & Culture:

Popular activities for visitors include hiking or skiing in the mountains, viewing cherry blossoms and soaking in hot springs. The rural town of Yatsuo holds a 300-year-old festival called Owara Kaze no Bon every September. Fresh fish caught in the Japan Sea make for a real culinary experience.

Famous for:

Delicious cold-water seafood, including trout sushi (masu no sushi). The beauty of the Tateyama Mountain Range.