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Tottori Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Tottori Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Tottori City
Governor/Mayor: Shinji Hirai
Area: 3,507 square km (1,354 square miles)
Population: 577,337 as of December 2013
Flower: Flower of Nijisseiki pear
Tree: Daisen aloeswood
Bird: Mandarin duck
Business & Industry:

Nijisseiki-brand pears are the prefecture’s representative agricultural product, exported to the U.S., Canada and other foreign countries. Sakaiminato, the city at the border between Tottori and Shimane prefectures, has Japan’s leading haul of snow crabs. Cattle raising to produce Tottori Wagyu-brand beef is also flourishing.

Tourism & Culture:

Mount Daisen is one of the biggest skiing areas in western Japan. On the Uradome Coast, enjoy the white sand beach, and an inlet walled by rock cliffs with caves and tunnels. For shopping, visit Mizuki Shigeru Road, featuring the world of manga cartoonist Mizuki Shigeru’s goblins.

Famous for:

The Tottori Sand Dunes, Japan’s largest. You may feel you are in a different country as you watch the beautiful sunset and the endless wind patterns on the sand.