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Tokushima Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Tokushima Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Tokushima City
Governor/Mayor: Kamon Iizumi
Area: 4,146 square km (1,601 square miles)
Population: 769,145 as of December 2013
Flower: Flower of citrus sudachi
Tree: Asian bog myrtle
Bird: White egret
Business & Industry:

In the northern part of the prefecture, especially in the area alongside the Yoshino River, vegetable production is active. The prefecture is also developing an “LED valley,” a cluster of companies engaged in the light-emitting diode business, as well as the renewable-energy business.

Tourism & Culture:

A cruise on the Yoshino River through the Ooboke Ravine gives you a wild view of the unusual rock formations. At Oohama beach between May and August, you may encounter sea turtles laying eggs. And you shouldn’t miss the vortexes (tidal whirlpools) on Naruto Strait in spring and fall.

Famous for:

The zeal of Tokushima people for the 400-year-old traditional Awa Odori dance. A lot of Awa Odori dance festivals are held in the prefecture in mid-August.