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Shiga Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Shiga Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Otsu City
Governor/Mayor: Taizo Mikazuki
Area: 4,017 square km (1,551 square miles)
Population: 1.42 million as of December 2013
Flower: Rosebay
Tree: Japanese maple
Bird: Grebe
Business & Industry:

Manufacturing industries producing plastic goods, glass and adhesive agents are flourishing. Medical and bio-related companies are also located around the capital. Installation of solar panels is growing in the prefecture and lots of energy-related companies are moving into the prefecture to do business.

Tourism & Culture:

Shiga Prefecture is home to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, occupying about one sixth of the prefecture’s area. Around the lake, there are lots of tourist spots and services, such as boat cruises, walking and cycling tours. The tower of Hikone Castle is listed as a Japan national treasure.

Famous for:

Omi merchants. The prefecture was called “Omi” in olden times and Omi merchants were active nationwide. The roots of some of Japan’s major companies go back to the merchants.