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Saitama Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Saitama Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Saitama City
Governor/Mayor: Kiyoshi Ueda
Area: 3,797 square km (1,466 square miles)
Population: 7.22 million as of October 2013
Flower: Japanese primrose
Tree: Japanese zelkova
Bird: Collared dove
Business & Industry:

Situated just above Tokyo, the financial and political center of Japan, Saitama is home to a variety of businesses, with a large number manufacturing transportation machinery. It also produces many kinds of vegetables, with leeks and spinach being the main crops.

Tourism & Culture:

In Saitama City, visitors can enjoy The Railway Museum, the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum and some traditional sites. In the Chichibu region, train-lovers can ride an old-fashioned steam locomotive called the Paleo Express. For a taste of Edo Period architecture, a walk through the traditional streets of Kawagoe is recommended.

Famous for:

The city of Kumagaya is known as one of the hottest places in Japan in summer. It is not uncommon for air temperatures to exceed 40 degrees Celsius.