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Sagamihara City


Prefecture/City: Sagamihara City
Capital/Prefecture: Kanagawa Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Toshio Kayama
Area: 328.8 square km (127.0 square miles)
Population: 721,221 as of December 2013
Flower: Hydrangea
Tree: Zelkova
Bird: Lark
Business & Industry:

Due to its proximity, the city of Sagamihara has stronger ties with Tokyo’s Tama region than with other Kanagawa Prefecture cities. While the city’s silk industry has largely been replaced by urbanization and farming, its assembly line manufacturers have been replaced by large apartment buildings or commercial complexes.

Tourism & Culture:

Nestled in steep mountains, the Miyagase Dam formed Lake Miyagase, which serves as a key reservoir for Tokyo. Families with young children enjoy Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest, which has several go-kart tracks and other attractions. Sagamihara Prefectural Park is known for its abundant flowers and greenery.

Famous for:

There are many branches of good ramen outlets from around the country in the city, in addition to numerous “masudaya” soba restaurants.