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Saga Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Saga Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Saga City
Governor/Mayor: Yoshinori Yamaguchi
Area: 2,440 square km (942 square miles)
Population: 839,615 as of October 2013
Flower: Camphor tree flower
Tree: Camphor tree
Bird: European magpie
Business & Industry:

‘’Saga Beef” is a top-grade brand, served at the G-8 summit in Japan in July 2000. Tosu City serves as the distribution center for the entire Kyushu island, as the two main highways of the island running north to south, east to west, meet there.

Tourism & Culture:

You can see and experience the life of ancient Japan about 2,000 years ago at the Yoshinogari ruins, one of the country’s largest moat-encircled settlements. You can also experience painting unglazed Arita ware, world renowned porcelain, at Arita ware-making studios. At the Ariake Sea tideland, rare fish, including mudskippers, can be observed.

Famous for:

Japan’s largest producer of high-quality ita-nori, or sheets of dried laver. Also, Arita ware, one of Japan’s most-refined porcelains, which is supplied to the Imperial Household Agency.