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Osaka City


Prefecture/City: Osaka City
Capital/Prefecture: Osaka Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Hirofumi Yoshimura
Area: 223 square km (86.1 square miles)
Population: 2.68 million as of January 2014
Flower: Pansy
Tree: Cherry
Business & Industry:

The city of Osaka has been the industrial center of Japan for many years, dating back to the Edo Period. After the Meiji Era, it became one of the largest production hubs in Japan. Today, the city is home to manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service operations across many industries.

Tourism & Culture:

As the largest city in western Japan, Osaka attracts many visitors, with Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan popular tourist destinations. The city is also considered the comedic center of Japan and many comedians have gotten their start there. Okonomiyaki and takoyaki are popular Osaka foods.

Famous for:

Dotonbori is the central thoroughfare of Osaka and has several popular landmarks, including a huge model of a crab displayed on the facade of the Kani Doraku crab restaurant.