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Nara Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Nara Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Nara City
Governor/Mayor: Shogo Arai
Area: 3,691 square km (1,425 square miles)
Population: 1.38 million as of December 2013
Flower: Nara double cherry blossom
Tree: Cedar tree
Bird: Japanese robin
Business & Industry:

As forests and woods occupy almost 80 percent of the prefecture’s land, forestry is a primary industry. In particular, the Yoshino area, the central part of the prefecture, is renowned nationwide for Yoshino-brand cedar trees. Tourism is another primary industry.

Tourism & Culture:

Nara is the birthplace of Japan’s history and was the nation’s capital in the eighth century. Temples, structures and Buddhist statues on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, and Japan national treasures are scattered throughout the prefecture. Nara is like a time machine taking you back to ancient times.

Famous for:

More than 1,000 wild deer in Nara Park. Protected and listed as a Japan Natural Monument, they wander the park in herds, and you can even feed them.