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Nagoya City


Prefecture/City: Nagoya City
Capital/Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Takashi Kawamura
Area: 326.4 square km (126.0 square miles)
Population: 2.27 million as of January 2013
Flower: Lily
Tree: Camphor
Business & Industry:

Positioned halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto, Nagoya is also known as Chukyo (center of the two kyos). With a GDP exceeding that of Qatar, Nagoya serves as the economic, political and cultural hub of the central mainland area. Its main industries are in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Tourism & Culture:

The Nagoya Port Aquarium exhibits 36,000 examples of 540 species, while the Nagoya City Science Museum boasts the world’s largest planetarium dome. The Nagoya TV Tower’s 100-meter observatory offers a magnificent view of the city and surrounding greenery. The Atsuta Jingu Shrine holds the Kusanagi-no-tsurugi sword, a sacred Imperial treasure.

Famous for:

Nagoya is a culinary, fashion, culture and history hub. Nagoya station features the sky-high JR Central Towers and Nagoya Castle is known for its golden rooftop carp.