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Nagasaki Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Nagasaki Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Nagasaki City
Governor/Mayor: Houdou Nakamura
Area: 4,105 square km (1,585 square miles)
Population: 1.40 million as of October 2013
Flower: Kyushu azalea, Common camellia
Tree: Japanese hinoki cypress
Bird: Mandarin duck
Business & Industry:

Some semiconductor and other precision component makers are located in the prefecture. Nagasaki has been strengthening the tourism industry in recent years, especially inviting Asian tourists. In the fisheries sector, a wide variety of fish are caught thanks to complicated shorelines (Japan’s second longest) with lots of bays and peninsulas.

Tourism & Culture:

Nagasaki is the place of origin of Christianity in Japan and churches are scattered all over the prefecture in memory of oppressed Christians. “Huis Ten Bosch,” a theme park resort, is another tourist spot, re-creating a whole Dutch town. If you love nature, the Unzen area is recommended.

Famous for:

The annual memorial ceremony to mourn those lost in the 1945 atomic bomb attack. Also famous for the memorial statue built in Nagasaki Peace Park, where the ceremony is held.