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Miyazaki Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Miyazaki Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Miyazaki City
Governor/Mayor: Shunji Kono
Area: 7,735 square km (2,986 square miles)
Population: 1.12 million as of October 2013
Flower: Crinum
Tree: Phoenix, Wild cherry blossoms, Obi cedar tree
Bird: Phasianus soemmerringii ijimae
Business & Industry:

Forestry and agriculture are the prefecture’s leading industries, in particular Japan’s largest production of cedar trees. Cedar tree exports to China are growing in recent years. The livestock industry is also flourishing, raising cattle and milk cows. Especially, Miyazaki-produced beef cattle and chickens are famous nationwide.

Tourism & Culture:

Natural scenic beauty such as ravines, high plains and beaches allure tourists. The Nichinan resort beaches welcome visitors with a number of surfing and diving spots, as the prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean. The Kirishima geo-park lies at the foot of a series of about 20 volcanoes.

Famous for:

Two men’s and women’s golf tournaments, the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament and the LPGA Tour Championship, held in November every year, bring some of the world’s best golfers to the prefecture.