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Mie Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Mie Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Tsu City
Governor/Mayor: Eikei Suzuki
Area: 5,777 square km (2,231 square miles)
Population: 1.83 million as of November 2013
Flower: Iris
Tree: Jingu cedar
Bird: Snowy plover
Business & Industry:

Mie has strong forestry and seafood industries. The prefecture produces relatively large quantities of traditional handicrafts, such as Iga braids, and cultivates much of the green tea associated with the Kyoto Uji brand. It also produces several types of high-grade wagyu beef that competes in quality with nearby Kobe’s beef.

Tourism & Culture:

Visit the magnificent grounds of the most important shrine to the Shinto religion, Ise Shrine. Meet traditional diving fisherwomen called “ama” and people who practice the ancient art of the ninja. Savor the gourmet flavor of Matsutaka wagyu beef. Hike through lush forests and head to the coast for swimming.

Famous for:

Ise Shrine, an expansive sacred area with ancient wooden buildings that have been rebuilt every two decades for almost 1,500 years. The Kumano region, a UNESCO World Heritage site.