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Kyoto Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Kyoto Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Kyoto City
Governor/Mayor: Takatoshi Nishiwaki
Area: 4,613 square km (1,781 square miles)
Population: 2.62 million as of December 2013
Flower: Weeping cherry blossom
Tree: Kitayama cedar tree
Bird: Streaked Shearwater
Business & Industry:

Although there is no specific industrial district, the prefecture has many globally renowned companies especially in the electronics industry, represented by Nintendo Co., Kyocera Corp. and Nidec Corp. Also renowned nationwide are Uji-brand green tea and traditional crafts represented by luxury Nishijin-ori silk woven textiles.

Tourism & Culture:

As it was once capital of Japan from 794, Kyoto has many temples, shrines and architectural structures included on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, and Japan’s national treasures. In the Gion district, you can see geisha, dressed in beautiful kimono, elegantly walking in alleys lined with Japanese old-style houses.

Famous for:

Small, but cozy and classy “anonymous” bars and restaurants, hidden in narrow streets and alleys. They are usually open only for selected or frequent customers.