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Kyoto City


Prefecture/City: Kyoto City
Capital/Prefecture: Kyoto Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Daisaku Kadokawa
Area: 827.9 square km (319.7 square miles)
Population: 1.47 million as of January 2014
Flower: Azalea, Japaense camellia, cherry blossom
Tree: Weeping willow, maple, katsura
Business & Industry:

Built on its 1,000-year run of being the once-capital of the country, traditional crafts and tourism are important industries in Kyoto. The city is also home to some internationally renowned companies, such as Nintendo Co. and Kyocera Corp.

Tourism & Culture:

Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan with many temples and other structures registered as World Heritage sites for their historical significance. Many traditional events are held throughout the year, greatly contributing to the city’s tourist trade.

Famous for:

Kinkaku-ji temple and Kiyomizu-dera temple. Kyo ryori, a Japanese traditional cuisine can be enjoyed at many restaurants. Geisha can be seen in the Gion district.