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Kochi Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Kochi Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Kochi City
Governor/Mayor: Masanao Ozaki
Area: 7,105 square km (2,743 square miles)
Population: 744,893 as of November 2013
Flower: Japanese bayberry
Tree: Yanase cedar
Bird: Fairy pitta
Business & Industry:

Kochi has a small farming industry focusing mainly on vegetables and fruits such as eggplant, cucumber, Japanese ginger and yuzu (a unique citrus fruit). The prefecture also has a fishing industry, with skipjack tuna from Kochi being well known throughout Japan.

Tourism & Culture:

With a relatively warm climate and big Pacific waves rolling into its coast, Kochi is thought to be one of the best places in Japan for surfing. Visitors to Kochi City can enjoy fresh skipjack tuna at the Hirome Marketplace and head to nearby Katsurahama to view a beautiful coastline.

Famous for:

A dish of rare-grilled skipjack tuna called “katsuo tataki.” The Shimanto River, one of Japan’s few remaining undeveloped waterways. Famous statesman Ryoma Sakamoto.