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Kanagawa Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Kanagawa Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Yokohama
Governor/Mayor: Yuji Kuroiwa
Area: 2,416 square km (933 square miles)
Population: 9.08 million as of October 2013
Flower: Goldband lily
Tree: Ginkgo
Bird: Sea gull
Business & Industry:

Kanagawa is home to two major port cities, Yokohama and Kawasaki, which are bases for trade. The head offices of many major companies are also located in the bustling city of Yokohama. Tourism is a major industry, with many visitors coming from neighboring Tokyo to enjoy hot-spring spas and historical sites.

Tourism & Culture:

Kanagawa has many hot-spring leisure facilities, especially in the Hakone region. Marine sports lovers can enjoy surfing and swimming in the Shonan region. In Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan, visitors can experience Zen Buddhism and see traditional temple architecture. The city of Yokohama also offers much urban excitement.

Famous for:

A mix of urban life, tradition and nature. Hakone is a popular leisure spot, and Kamakura is very well known among history buffs and spiritualists.