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Kagoshima Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Kagoshima Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Kagoshima City
Governor/Mayor: Satoshi Mitazono
Area: 9,189 square km (3,548 square miles)
Population: 1.68 million as of October 2013
Flower: Rhododendron kiusianum
Tree: Cockspur coral tree, Camphor tree
Bird: Lidth’s jay
Business & Industry:

Kagoshima has the largest sweet potato production in Japan. Businesses producing liquors distilled from sweet potatoes are also flourishing. The prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of pork and the high-grade Kagoshima Kurobuta (Berkshire) brand pork is particularly famous nationwide.

Tourism & Culture:

Mount Sakurajima is a must-see active volcano, gazing over Kagoshima City across the bay. Ibusuki hot springs give you a unique bathing experience as you can bury yourself in hot sand. Yakushima, with its wild forest environment, became one of Japan’s first World Heritage sites in 1993.

Famous for:

The 7,200-year-old cedar tree at Yakushima is the symbol of the island. The prefecture also houses Japan’s two space rocket launch sites, operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.