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Ishikawa Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Ishikawa Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Kanazawa City
Governor/Mayor: Masanori Tanimoto
Area: 4,185 square km (1,616 square miles)
Population: 1.16 million as of November 2013
Flower: Black lily
Tree: Thujopsis
Bird: Golden eagle
Business & Industry:

The main modern industries in Ishikawa are textiles, particularly artificial fabrics, electronics, precision machines and IT. These are supplemented by many traditional industries that have existed since the feudal era, such as dyed silk, lacquerware and metalwork. Agriculture and fishing are also integral to the economy.

Tourism & Culture:

While traditional crafts flourish in Ishikawa, modern art is also much promoted. The 21st-century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, with its unique circular glass structure, contains an array of modern and contemporary works. Kiriko lantern festivals can be seen in various communities between July and September.

Famous for:

Traditional Japanese crafts. Unique Japan Sea coastal scenery in the Noto Peninsula.