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Ibaraki Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Ibaraki Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Mito City
Governor/Mayor: Kazuhiko Oigawa
Area: 6,096 square km (2,354 square miles)
Population: 2.93 million as of October 2013
Flower: Rose
Tree: Japanese apricot
Bird: Skylark
Business & Industry:

Ibaraki has been known as an ideal place for farming since ancient times due to its flat landscape and is still a major agricultural region, producing more melons than any other prefecture. Some large corporations also have their head offices in the prefecture, including Nestle Japan.

Tourism & Culture:

Ibaraki is home to many natural and traditional sites. In Mito City, visitors can see the gorgeous pinks and purples of Japanese apricot blossoms in full bloom in early spring, and those who like super healthy food can sample many different varieties.

Famous for:

Japanese apricot blossoms and farming. Not far from Tokyo, it is a popular retreat destination. Tsukuba is known for many scientific research institutes.