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Hokkaido Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Hokkaido Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Sapporo City
Governor/Mayor: Harumi Takahashi
Area: 83,457 square km (32,223 square miles)
Population: 5.45 million as of September 2013
Flower: Rosa rugosa (Japanese rose)
Tree: Glehn’s spruce and yezo spruce
Bird: Red-crowned crane
Business & Industry:

With its many undeveloped natural spaces and expansive ocean fishing areas, Hokkaido boasts strong forestry, fisheries and farming industries. It produces more dairy products, potatoes, wheat and beets than any other prefecture, and is also a traditional producer of wool.

Tourism & Culture:

Hokkaido is one of the four main islands of Japan and, in addition to being the most northerly prefecture, it also has by far the largest land area. With its wide-open spaces and many national parks, including UNESCO World Heritage site Shiretoko, visitors can enjoy trekking, mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Famous for:

Dairy products, vast wilderness and a dish of grilled lamb called “Ghengis Khan.’’ It is also home to an indigenous population called the Ainu.