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Hiroshima Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Hiroshima Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Hiroshima City
Governor/Mayor: Hidehiko Yuzaki
Area: 8,479 square km (3,273.76 square miles)
Population: 2.84 million as of October 2013
Flower: Maple
Tree: Maple
Bird: Red-throated Loon
Business & Industry:

Material production, parts processing and assembly industries are concentrated in Hiroshima Prefecture, providing important products for the steel, automobile, ship, electronics and general machinery industries. Fisheries are also a major industry in Hiroshima, which is known as one of the largest oyster producing prefectures.

Tourism & Culture:

Hiroshima City’s Atomic Bomb Dome, also known as Hiroshima Peace Memorial, and Itsukushima Shrine were registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Atomic Bomb Dome is the building that stood directly under the bombing. Itsukushima Shrine appears to float upon the surface of the sea at high tide.

Famous for:

Hiroshima is famous for a variety of delicious foods, including the Hiroshima okonomiyaki Japanese pancake, with vegetables, meat and sauce, oysters and Momiji Manju cake, with sweet red bean paste.