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Hiroshima City


Prefecture/City: Hiroshima City
Capital/Prefecture: Hiroshima Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Kazumi Matsui
Area: 905.41 square km (349.58 square miles)
Population: 1.19 million as of December 2013
Flower: Oleander
Tree: Camphor
Business & Industry:

Hiroshima serves as the center for doing business in the coastal regions of the Seto Inland Sea. Being one of only two cities in the world to have suffered an atomic bomb attack, the city is a place to dispatch messages of peace to the global community.

Tourism & Culture:

Boat cruises on the six rivers that run through the city provide relaxing way for tourists to take in the sights. For lunch, a wide variety of okonomiyaki, a dish Hiroshima is famous for, guarantees diners will be satisfied. Hiroshima is also well-known for its high-quality oysters.

Famous for:

The Atomic Bomb Dome, a World Heritage site, was badly damaged in Aug.6, 1945, atomic bombing and now serves as a memorial for peace.