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Gunma Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Gunma Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Maebashi City
Governor/Mayor: Masaaki Osawa
Area: 6,363 square km (2,456 square miles)
Population: 1.98 million as of December 2013
Flower: Japanese azalea
Tree: Japanese black pine
Bird: Copper pheasant
Business & Industry:

Gunma’s economy is supported mainly by manufacturing and to a lesser degree agriculture. The head offices of major Japanese companies such as Yamada Denki and the factories of a variety of other companies such as Kirin Beer and Sanyo Foods can be found in the prefecture.

Tourism & Culture:

The most famous tourist spot in Gunma is the rural town of Kusatsu, where visitors can enjoy various kinds of hot spring spas often said to be the best in Japan. The prefecture also has more than 20 designated ski and snowboard grounds.

Famous for:

Traditional hot springs of the highest quality. A unique combination of nature and industry. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding close to major urban centers like Tokyo and Yokohama.