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Gifu Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Gifu Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Gifu City
Governor/Mayor: Hajime Furuta
Area: 10,621 square km (4,101 square miles)
Population: 2.05 million as of November 2013
Flower: Chinese milk vetch
Tree: Japanese yew
Bird: Rock Ptarmigan
Business & Industry:

Gifu is home to many traditional industries, including Japanese furniture, porcelain and paper. Modern industries include aerospace, metalworking and IT. As Toyota Motors expands into the prefecture, Gifu is also moving to the center of Japan’s car and aircraft manufacturing industries.

Tourism & Culture:

Gifu boasts many destinations with preserved traditional architecture. These include the UNESCO World Heritage site of Shirakawa Village, where visitors can see houses with thatched roofs, and Hida Takayama, an area that maintains streets from the Edo Period. The resort town of Gero Onsen is also famous for hot springs.

Famous for:

Traditional crafts inspired by the rich natural environment of the region. The thatched roofs of Shirakawa.