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Fukushima Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Fukushima Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Fukushima City
Governor/Mayor: Masao Uchibori
Area: 13,783 square km (5,322 square miles)
Population: 1.95 million as of October 2013
Flower: Alpine rose
Tree: Japanese zelkova
Bird: Narcissus flycatcher
Business & Industry:

Fukushima is home to factories that produce technological devices, including semiconductors, electronic components, car engines and printing devices. As of 2008, it also had a flourishing fishing industry, including skipjack tuna caught around Iwaki, and a flourishing farming industry, best represented by rice and peaches.

Tourism & Culture:

Fukushima Prefecture provides a cool getaway from hot areas like Tokyo in the summer and has several reputable ski spots that can be enjoyed in the winter. In the fall, its many forests make it a popular place to view the changing leaves.

Famous for:

Peaches with succulent flesh and delicate skins. Rice and rice products, including sake. The historical Aizu region.