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Fukui Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Fukui Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Fukui City
Governor/Mayor: Issei Nishikawa
Area: 4,189 square km (1,617 square miles)
Population: 794,320 as of November 2013
Flower: Narcissus
Tree: Pine
Bird: Dusky thrush
Business & Industry:

Fukui has a total of 14 nuclear reactors, more than any other prefecture, and supplies power to much of the nearby Kansai region. The city of Sabae produces approximately 90 percent of the eyeglasses made in Japan. The prefecture is also the only place in Japan where harps are manufactured.

Tourism & Culture:

Visit the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama City to view a comprehensive display of ancient fossils, tour a traditional castle town called Teramachi by rickshaw, or go white-water rafting in the town of Ikeda before soaking in the hot springs of Kanmuri-so.

Famous for:

A strong base for the nuclear power industry. Traditional crafts such as the making of bamboo dolls and Japanese paper.