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Ehime Prefecture

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Prefecture/City: Ehime Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Matsuyama City
Governor/Mayor: Tokihiro Nakamura
Area: 5,678 square km (2,192 square miles)
Population: 1.40 million as of November 2013
Flower: Flower of tangerines
Tree: Pine
Bird: Japanese robin
Business & Industry:

Ehime is Japan’s largest producer of citrus fruits, including mandarins and iyokans, as well as towels and paper products. Surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea and Uwa Sea, the aquafarming business is flourishing in the west of the prefecture, especially for Japanese amberjacks and red sea bream.

Tourism & Culture:

Cyclists may love the scenic beauty of the Shimanami Sea Route, a collective name for the highway across the Seto Inland Sea and the beautiful small islands floating on the inland sea. After cycling, you may enjoy Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen, Japan’s oldest hot spring with a 3,000-year history.

Famous for:

“Botchan,” the representative novel of Soseki Natsume, one of Japan’s most popular novelists, written in 1906. Matsuyama, the capital of Ehime Prefecture, was the setting for the novel.