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Chiba Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Chiba Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Chiba City
Governor/Mayor: Kensaku Morita
Area: 5,156 square km (1,991 square miles)
Population: 6.19 million as of October 2013
Flower: Nanohana colza
Tree: Maki (Buddhist pine)
Bird: Meadow Bunting
Business & Industry:

Chiba is home to the head offices of several major corporations, including supermarket chain Aeon and soy sauce giant Kikkoman. With its relatively warm climate and flat, nonmountainous landscape, it is ideal for farming and supplies neighboring Tokyo with much of its produce.

Tourism & Culture:

Many international visitors will land at Narita International Airport in Chiba and enjoy lush hilly scenery on the train ride into Tokyo. The city of Narita is home to famous temples and the city of Sawara preserves an Edo Period cityscape. Beaches such as those in Onjuku are popular for surfing.

Famous for:

The Asian pears harvested in Chiba, and especially those in Ichikawa City, are highly prized throughout Japan. Onjuku is said to be one of the best surfing spots in the nation.