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Chiba City


Prefecture/City: Chiba City
Capital/Prefecture: Chiba Prefecture
Governor/Mayor: Toshihito Kumagai
Area: 272.1 square km (105.1 square miles)
Population: 964,314 as of January 2014
Flower: Oga Lotus
Tree: Zelkova
Bird: Little tern
Business & Industry:

Originally home to various soy sauce and sake breweries, the city’s main businesses today are petrochemical, coal, steel and agriculture. Being close to Narita Airport, the city is also keen to promote international cooperation and is active in nurturing new businesses.

Tourism & Culture:

Well-represented by Inage Kaihin Park, the city abounds in seaside leisure facilities, as well as fashionable boutiques and fine eateries in its large shopping malls. The modern glass Chiba Port Tower rises 125 meters into the sky, while the neo-Renaissance style Chiba City Museum exhibits local artists’ works.

Famous for:

The Fukuda Denshi Arena, nicknamed “Fukuari,” serves as the home ground for the J. League’s JEF United soccer team.