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Akita Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Akita Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Akita City
Governor/Mayor: Norihisa Satake
Area: 11,612 square km (4,483 square miles)
Population: 1.05 million as of November 2013
Flower: Butterbur sprout
Tree: Akita cedar
Bird: Copper pheasant
Business & Industry:

With its abundant cedar forests, Akita produces relatively large amounts of timber. The Akita port is a major overseas import and export hub. Not only does the prefecture produce large quantities of rice, Akita wagyu beef is also a major product, thought by some to rival the Kobe brand.

Tourism & Culture:

Akita has many hot springs, forests and scenic coastlines along the Japan Sea. Omoriyama Zoo is said to be the most interesting zoo in the Tohoku region. Visitors can also enjoy some of Japan’s best rice, sake and Akita’s delicious brand of gourmet wagyu beef.

Famous for:

Akita wagyu beef. Beautiful cedar and cypress forests. The “Akita Komochi” brand of rice. The legendary home of beautiful women with milky skin referred to as “Akita bijin.”