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Aichi Prefecture


Prefecture/City: Aichi Prefecture
Capital/Prefecture: Nagoya City
Governor/Mayor: Hideaki Omura
Area: 5,164 square km (1,994 square miles)
Population: 7.43 million as of October 2013
Flower: Rabbit-ear iris
Tree: Japanese red maple
Bird: Scops-owl
Business & Industry:

Major industries in Aichi include plastics, electrical machinery, iron/steel, and transport machinery. The city of Nagoya is a major port that facilitates shipment of many manufactured products. Large global companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Ikea are headquartered in the prefecture.

Tourism & Culture:

Eco-tourists will appreciate the fall colors of the many maple trees in Korankei Gorge and the spring cherry blossoms along the Gojo River. History buffs will delight in Nagoya Castle and Inuyama Castle. Nagoya Castle is famous for golden statues of shachihoko, imaginary animal.

Famous for:

Transportation machinery and automobiles. Home base of Toyota, the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Tenmusu, a kind of rice ball filled with shrimp.